Authentic small batch hand roasted coffee, ethically produced from sustainable farms

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Café Zee is a 'micro roasting house', delivering exceptionally high quality coffee, roasted at our shop in Ealing W5 for supreme freshness.

If you’re in the market for wholesale beans, we offer premium quality beans for your needs.

A ‘micro roasting house’ is an independent artisan coffee roaster. We will only use high grade 80+ Arabica beans and roast in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Roasting in small quantities allows us to offer truly fresh roasted coffee to our customers; we also use a gentle roast technique which takes more time but allows flavours and aromas to remain intact.

Our signature blend contains a mix of origins from the Americas and Africa, light to medium roasted always consisting of a smooth caramel body and balanced fruity acidity.

At Coffee Zee we are able to purchase only the very best speciality coffee spending a little bit more to get something unique with quality, selecting fantastic coffees that complement each other for our blend and standalone coffees that really hold their own. Our master roaster studies each coffee with painstaking accuracy in order to roast it to the optimum level. We also roast to order insuring you receive only the freshest coffee to sell to your customers.

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Fantastic single origin and decaf coffee can be purchased depending on what we have in stock at any given time.

Coffee from Central & South America

Coffee from Central & South America

In Central America, you’ll find varying acidity, but usually beans from this region are known for their balance, which makes them good for people just getting started on their relationship with coffee. Not to bitter, not too acidic, fairly smooth flavors, like chocolate. Costa Rica is known for heavier-bodied coffee, while if you go west to Mexico, you’ll find something a little lighter.

Moving to South America, we get beans that have a wider flavor profile, but coffee drinkers are probably most well versed on the beans of Colombia, which is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world. From here, you can expect an even, well-rounded taste; moderate acidity and sweetness, and a medium to full body, probably the kind of coffee you are already most used to drinking.

African Wholesale Coffee

African Coffee

These beans provide sparkle, melody, and excitement to our daily lives. Their flavor traits, depending on country, present such flavors as blueberry, tomato, spice, and melon. Some Ethiopian beans smell and taste like fresh blueberry pie, while some Kenyans can taste so juicy they make you feel like your drinking a Capri sun. These coffees are a great way to expand your palate and wow your senses.

African coffee beans are known for being incredibly flavoursome and many believe that they are the most distinctive in the world. Coffees from Africa are characterized as having rustic flavours and intense aromas. The most familiar East African coffees are the Ethiopian coffees, such as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Ethiopian Sidamo, and the Kenyan coffees, such as Kenyan AA & Kenyan Peaberry.

African Wholesale Coffee

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  • I Have been going to Cafe Zee for a long time and the coffee is amazing. Really friendly baristas and the food is nice. Great place to kick back and get your coffee hit. I Cannot recommend this place enough.

    Review from barrettnorahaura on Trip Advisor

  • This is my regular coffee shop, go there a few times a week for coffee and cake. Recommend it to everyone. Food a bit more expensive but WORTH IT. All the cake is amazing and so fresh. Staff are also wonderful!

    Review from Phoebe T on Trip Advisor

  • Great vibe with friendly staff. Coffee and food was delicious. Loved it so much we stopped twice in our 3 day visit to London!

    Review from Ian B on Trip Advisor

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